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Home loan servicers urged to do more

Executives of the top mortgage servicing companies met with Treasury and HUD officials today to discuss expanding the "Making Homes Affordable" program. So far, the plan has done little to stop foreclosures. Tamara Keith reports.
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Trade, currency top focus in China talks

Tensions are high as U.S. and Chinese officials converge today in Washington. Talks will focus on trade between the two countries, U.S. consumption of Chinese products and whether China's currency is undervalued. Tamara Keith reports.
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Is Cleveland Clinic a model for success?

President Obama is pointing to the Cleveland Clinic as a model for how to get quality health care at lower cost. But some say the clinic's method spells bankruptcy for other hospitals. Tamara Keith reports.
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Obama: Cleveland Clinic a good model

Covering the uninsured and improving quality while cutting costs have been two of President Obama's objectives in a health care overhaul. To illustrate these goals, he's highlighting one hospital viewed as a success story. Tamara Keith reports.
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Obama steps up push for health reform

At a White House press conference, President Obama asserts that a new health care policy is needed to bring the nation's larger economic problems under control. Marketplace's Tamara Keith reviews the president's talking points with Kai Ryssdal.
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Fed's CIT bailout refusal a smart move

The federal government played hardball by refusing to grant CIT a bailout, leaving it to the bank's bondholders to save it from bankruptcy. The move hints that the bailout spending spree may be winding down. Tamara Keith reports.

2-year colleges struggle with demand

President Obama wants to increase the number of students completing degrees at community colleges. But many of the 2-year schools are under stress from increasing demands and decreasing budgets due to the recession. Tamara Keith reports.
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Help calls bog down mortgage program

It's been several months since the White House began it's Making Home Affordable plan. The goal was to encourage banks to modify loans of homeowners in foreclosure. Tamara Keith reports on loan counselors who are trying to do just that.
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Banks must improve loan modifications

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and HUD secretary Shaun Donovan are urging some of the country's largest banks to step up their efforts to help homeowners modify their mortgages. Tamara Keith reports.
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A deeper look into the Rio Tinto saga

Chinese authorities are holding an executive from the Anglo-Australian mining company Rio Tinto on charges of stealing state secrets over iron ore prices. Tamara Keith delves deeper into Rio Tinto's tumultuous relationship with China.


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