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Tamara Keith

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'Sorry' can avoid high malpractice costs

Oct 12, 2009
Malpractice has been a heady issue for Congress as the debate continues on how to control health care costs. Tamara Keith explores a new approach some doctors and hospitals are employing to reign in spending.

Opposition looms over consumer plan

Oct 12, 2009
A House committee is expected to debate and likely vote on a bill that would create a consumer watchdog agency for financial products. But there is opposition. Tamara Keith reports.

EOB forms have some explaining to do

Oct 9, 2009
If there's one complaint common to people lucky enough to have health insurance, it's the explanation of benefits form that you get after visits to the doctor. As Tamara Keith reports, it needs a whole lot of explaining itself.

Lawmakers seek to push credit reform

Oct 9, 2009
When Congress passed credit-card reform earlier this year, banks said they needed time to prepare for the changes. But some think they should start following the rules sooner. Tamara Keith reports.

Exploring a state-run health care plan

Oct 7, 2009
Democrats and Republicans continue to search for a common ground on the health-care debate. The latest idea: a state-run public health plan. What would that entail? Tamara Keith reports.

Report: Officials fibbed on banks' health

Oct 5, 2009
An audit released by the watchdog overseeing the bank-bailout program says officials from the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve misled the public about the health of some banks. Tamara Keith reports.

Citi looking to scale back on branches

Sep 24, 2009
Citigroup may be planning to scale back its retail branches. With just about 1,000 right now, the bank is reportedly planning to focus on the six major cities where it has the strongest presence. Tamara Keith reports.

No full TARP return to taxpayers

Sep 24, 2009
TARP special inspector general Neil Barofsky's testimony to the Treasury Department says taxpayers aren't likely to see a full return on their bailout investment. He's also advocating for more Treasury transparency. Tamara Keith reports.

FDIC considers new source of cash

Sep 22, 2009
When a bank fails, the FDIC protects everyone's deposits and prevents bank runs. Normally it gets its money from fees paid by banks, but it's considering a new plan to start asking healthy banks for loans. Tamara Keith reports.

FCC wants rules on net neutrality

Sep 21, 2009
The Federal Communications Commission wants new rules to govern Internet traffic that would require net neutrality. But the major telecom firms say it could stand in the way of innovation. Tamara Keith reports.