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If no public health care, is it reform?

The Obama administration is hinting it could drop its proposal for a government-run health plan that would compete with private insurers and force down the cost of premiums. But if that plan goes, is meaningful reform possible? Tamara Keith reports.
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A shortage of sugar? Oh no!

Big names in the food industry are warning of dire consequences if the U.S. doesn't increase sugar import quotas. Tamara Keith reports.
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Foreclosure problem mounting

New numbers from RealtyTrac show that 360,000 homeowners were at least 30 days behind on their house payments last month. Tamara Keith reports.
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GM ends toxic-prevention partnership

The new General Motors is ending its partnership in a program that's designed to prevent mercury pollution from scrapped cars just as thousands of clunkers are being junked. Tamara Keith reports.
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Health care as seen from the other side

Ever wonder what those people behind the doctor's office counter actually do? Tamara Keith takes a closer look at the inner workings of a typical medical practice in our first installment of "The Cure: Remaking Health Care in America (TM)."

GM-eBay to launch car-selling program

GM and eBay are expected to announce the start of a program that will allow customers to haggle over the price of cars and trucks via the online marketplace. Tamara Keith reports.
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Judge wants closer look at B of A deal

A judge is criticizing Bank of America and the SEC for the $33 million deal to settle charges that the bank misled investors. In his opinion, settling with the bank was hushing up "serious allegations" of wrongdoing. Now he wants to take a closer look at the case. Tamara Keith reports.

Obama's pharma deal may not suffice

The White House struck a deal with Big Pharma to lower prescription costs for seniors by $80 billion. But some say that figure isn't nearly enough, especially since a clause in the deal protects the companies from congressional pressure to offer more savings. Tamara Keith reports.
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Is the stimulus actually working?

President Obama's top economic adviser is expected to give an update of the Recovery Act passed by Congress earlier this year. Tamara Keith reports.

Quicker mortgage help for homeowners

The Obama administration's foreclosure prevention program has had a slow start. But the Treasury Department says it got commitments yesterday from banks and loan servicers to modify mortgages more quickly. Tamara Keith reports.
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