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Weighty items on lawmakers' agenda

Health care isn't the only item lawmakers have to tackle. Tamara Keith reports that Congress' to-do list also includes climate legislation and reforming the financial regulatory system.

Health care a top priority for unions

President Obama is speaking to the AFL-CIO today in Cincinnati, Ohio, addressing labor unions and health care. Thousands of union members are rallying as health care becomes a more critical issue. Tamara Keith reports.
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Off-label marketing costs Pfizer

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer will pay $2.3 billion to settle charges that it illegally promoted pills for uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Tamara Keith reports on the down sides to off-label marketing.
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Social Security left without a boost

Social Security payments usually increase by a small amount each year to adjust for cost of living. But thanks to the recession, those living off the government-issued checks won't be seeing more dollar signs this year. Tamara Keith reports.
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Supporters rally for health care reform

Democrats and others are kicking off a coordinated campaign in support of reforming the health care system. Tamara Keith reports.
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Social Security payments to be frozen

Senior citizens and others who count on income from Social Security most likely won't get a cost-of-living adjustment in 2010 because the recession has put the brakes on inflation. But for many, the cost of living is still going up. Tamara Keith reports.
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Deciphering the health-care debate

President Obama hasn't stopped talking about health-care reform, yet the public is more confused than ever. Tamara Keith reports.
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Washington Nationals bank on pitcher

The Washington Nationals will soon introduce their new $15 million pitcher. Tamara Keith reports he could represent a fresh start for a struggling baseball team.
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Seeking a clearer health care message

The health care debate has taken several twists and turns, from discussions about covering the nation's uninsured to fights over its costs and screaming matches at town hall meetings. Now President Obama's supporters are advising a return to basics. Tamara Keith reports.
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Families hold back on school shopping

A new survey says the average family still has a lot of room in the backpack for items on their back-to-school shopping list. Tamara Keith reports.
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