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Premiums fuel health care overhaul

The Senate Finance Committee takes up a health care overhaul bill today as the administration continues to push for reform. Meanwhile, a new report says insurance premiums continue to rise. Marketplace's Tamara Keith talks to Bill Radke.
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FDIC considers new source of cash

When a bank fails, the FDIC protects everyone's deposits and prevents bank runs. Normally it gets its money from fees paid by banks, but it's considering a new plan to start asking healthy banks for loans. Tamara Keith reports.
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FCC wants rules on net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission wants new rules to govern Internet traffic that would require net neutrality. But the major telecom firms say it could stand in the way of innovation. Tamara Keith reports.
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Study could curb executive bonuses

A coalition of corporations and investors want to change the way executives are paid. The idea would be to reduce short-term financial incentives so executives would focus on long-term results and tie pay to performance. Tamara Keith reports.
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How Baucus's plan will help uninsured

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus released his plan to overhaul the health system. Tamara Keith reports on what the plan means for people who don't have insurance and the businesses that employ them.
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Health care plans may be too expensive

When it comes to health care, one thing almost everybody agrees on is that everyone should have insurance. But getting there is the problem. Tamara Keith reports.
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Insurance: Not offered or not affordable

More than 46 million people in this country can't qualify for health insurance, can't afford it or both. Tamara Keith reports in our latest installment of "The Cure" (for charts detailing who's uninsured, click the "View Slideshow" link).
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Inspecting Obama's health care claims

In his prime-time speech, President Obama said fixing health care would cost $900 billion over the next decade and help millions of uninsured people get coverage. Tamara Keith checks out a few of his claims.
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Obama to push public health-care plan

In his prime-time address to Congress this evening, President Barack Obama will lay out his plan for overhauling the health-care system. And he hasn't given up on the public option. Tamara Keith has a preview.
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Workers spend stimulus cash on break

The first road project funded by the stimulus package is almost complete, and workers have been putting in overtime all summer. For some, that meant a vacation with healthy spending. Tamara Keith reports.
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