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Car parts stuck on trains?

Canadian National Railway workers are striking over wages and if that dispute drags on, it could stop assembly lines at U.S. auto plants in their tracks.
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Actors' strike lacks drama, but it's closely watched

Television actors in Canada are on strike. It's a remarkably tame affair and no one has wallked off the job. But Hollywood is keeping an eye on it. Steve McNally reports.
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Canadian pharmacies make a comeback

With the new Medicare drug benefit enrollment deadline fast approaching, Canadian pharmacies are trying to convince American seniors it's still cheaper to buy north of the border. Steve McNalley reports.
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Softwood dispute

The US and Canada are close to settling a years-old dispute over the importation of cheap Canadian lumber into the US. Steve McNalley has the details.
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Border issues top talks between Bush, Canada's PM

President Bush and Canada's new Prime Minister Stephen Harper meet today at a summit in Cancun, Mexico. Harper will likely want to discuss Canadian businesses' growing concern about stricter US border policies. Steve McNalley reports.
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Canada's new ambassador

Ottawa's top diplomat arrives in Washington today carrying with him the charge to smooth relations set on edge because of disputes over Iraq and the Kyoto treaty. Steve McNally reports from Toronto.

The battle over the Northwest passage

The Northwest passage through the Canadian Arctic has long been a perilous route for shipping. But global warming is melting the Arctic ice, and the shortcut between Europe and Asia may become passable in summers. But who owns the lane? Canada says it's theirs; the US says it's an international waterway. Steve McNally reports on the big thaw and its consequences for US-Canadian relations.
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How conservative will Canada go?

The conservative winner of Canada's election now has to figure out how to make good on his campaign promises to cut taxes and increase defense spending when he doesn't fully control the country's Parliament. From Toronto, Steve McNally reports.
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The new Canada

Reporter Steve McNally sifts through the returns in Canada's national election to see whether the Conservative dream of lower taxes and greater defense spending has any chance in the new Parliament.
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Conservative Canada

Our neighbors north of the border go to the voting booth today to elect a new national government, and polls indicate they'll choose the first conservative prime minister in 12 years. Steve McNally looks at the improbable rise of Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper.
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