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Car parts stuck on trains?

Feb 13, 2007
Canadian National Railway workers are striking over wages and if that dispute drags on, it could stop assembly lines at U.S. auto plants in their tracks.

Actors' strike lacks drama, but it's closely watched

Jan 9, 2007
Television actors in Canada are on strike. It's a remarkably tame affair and no one has wallked off the job. But Hollywood is keeping an eye on it. Steve McNally reports.

Softwood dispute

Apr 27, 2006
The US and Canada are close to settling a years-old dispute over the importation of cheap Canadian lumber into the US. Steve McNalley has the details.

Border issues top talks between Bush, Canada's PM

Mar 30, 2006
President Bush and Canada's new Prime Minister Stephen Harper meet today at a summit in Cancun, Mexico. Harper will likely want to discuss Canadian businesses' growing concern about stricter US border policies. Steve McNalley reports.

Canadian healthcare refugees

Jan 17, 2006
Everyone knows Canada provides free healthcare to all its citizens. So why are a growing number of Canadians coming to the US for medical attention? Steve McNally has the answer.

The world post-Kyoto

Nov 29, 2005
Environmental officials from around the world are in Montreal trying to hammer out a new round of greenhouse gas limits once the Kyoto protocol expires. Steve NcNally reports.