Stacey Vanek Smith is a senior reporter for Marketplace, where she covers banking, consumer finance, housing and advertising. She began her career with Marketplace in 2003 as an assistant producer and has worked as an editor, reporter and fills in as host on the Marketplace Morning Report. Vanek Smith is a graduate of Princeton University with a bachelor’s degree in comparative literature and creative writing. She holds a masters degree in French cultural studies and a masters in broadcast journalism from Columbia University. She also received a fellowship from the National Press Foundation to attend the Wharton Business Journalist Seminars in 2010. She is fluent in French and proficient in German. Vanek Smith’s work has appeared in TIME magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, Boise Weekly, Idaho Weddings, Freakonomics Radio, Weekend America, The California Report and Marketplace. A native of Idaho, Vanek Smith now lives in Brooklyn. She spends most of her free time exploring the city, cooking, watching reality television and trying to decide who makes the best pizza in New York.


Features by Stacey Vanek Smith

And the Nobel goes to: Rationality (and irrationality)

The three men awarded the Nobel Prize in economics are all involved in pricing and stock market indices.
Posted In: Nobel Prize, Robert Shiller, stock markets

Quiz: What do you know about home values?

Does living on a dead-end street lower a home's value? What if your home has a pool? Test your knowledge of home values by taking our quiz!
Posted In: Housing, buying a home

High prices for corn and land shape Iowa economy, landscape

How the sky-high price of farmland has reshaped the state.
Posted In: corn, Iowa

The legacy of Ben Bernanke

The outgoing Fed chairman presided over the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.
Posted In: Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve, chairman of the federal reserve

Malala's delicate publishing proposal

15-year-old Malala Yousafzai ‘s book comes out tomorrow.
Posted In: Malala, Pakistan, taliban, publishing

Has the fat lady sung on the New York City Opera?

The New York City Opera also faces a budget deadline today. It needs to raise $7 million to avoid a shutdown.
Posted In: opera, donations, kickstarter

JPMorgan may settle with government for record $11 billion

The record settlement could help the bank avoid future lawsuits.
Posted In: JPMorgan, bank regulations, subprime lenders

Sticker prices for health insurance exchanges out today

Starting next week, federally run exchanges set up under the Affordable Care Act will officially roll out in 36 states. And we now have our first detailed look at the prices.
Posted In: Health, health insurance, health exchanges, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare

New York cracks down on false reviews

New York's Attorney General has slapped 19 companies with fines for writing fake online reviews.
Posted In: Yelp, online reviews, business, ratings, New York, reviews, fake reviews


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