Features by Shannon Mullen

Celebrities get out of the prepaid card business

There are some things a famous name just can’t seem to sell.
Posted In: celebrity, endorsements, prepaid cards

Grocery chain workers fight for millionaire CEO

Market Basket employees and customers stage an "unprecedented" protest.
Posted In: living wage, strike
House Construction Building Shell

As housing recovers, a shortage of skilled workers

During the housing downturn, construction workers moved to other industries.
Posted In: Housing, labor, construction

What the time of day says about your earnings report

We look at the reasons some companies report earnings when they do.
Posted In: earnings report, CEOs, investors

IPOs - why the frenzy ?

It might be the busiest week for companies going public since August 2000.
Posted In: IPO, stock, biotechnology
Narendra Modi

The long road to doing better business in India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to make India attractive to foreign investment.
Posted In: India, foreign investment

U.S. companies shell out more for business travel

As a sign of confidence in the economy, businesses are spending more on travel.
Posted In: Travel, conference calls
Honda manufacturing plant

Mexico makes more cars than Brazil. Yes, it's a race.

Mexico is set to overtake Brazil as Latin America’s biggest auto producer.
Posted In: Latin America, cars, car manufacturing

Some employers shift 401(k) matches

Employees could lose money if their company contributes only once a year
Posted In: Retirement, 401(k)


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