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A video game that's good for you?

There's been a lot of discussion about whether video games are bad for you, and some research into whether they might actually do you some good. A game called Mindhabits is said to be one of the good ones. Sean Cole reports.

With Harvard, it'll be Healthcare City

Dubai's Healthcare City is shelling out half a billion dollars to build Harvard Medical School Dubai. Sean Cole grew up hanging around Harvard Square, so we figured he was the guy for this one.

Expats keep waiting to move in

Real estate in Dubai has been open to foreigners since 2002. Speculators and would-be Dubai transplants have been coming ever since. And developers are having trouble keeping up. Sean Cole reports.

The dream of Dubai

Dubai aims to be the biggest and the best in every way, but as Sean Cole reports, there's debate as to whether the reality of Dubai lives up to the dream.

Americans in Dubai

Nearly 80 percent of the people who live in Dubai are ex-pats, including 20,000 American citizens. Sean Cole brings us a few of their stories.

Predictifying the future

A new website,, is trying to make collective wisdom into a profitable business by allowing people to guess the outcomes of everything from elections to stock prices. Marketplace's Sean Cole reports.

Mission: Spend family riches this way

More and more families, especially wealthy ones, are writing mission statements to structure how future generations manage their holdings. And wealth-management firms are getting involved. Sean Cole reports.

Northeast snow means happy skis

Ski resorts in the Northeast hit a dry spell last year, causing a sharp visitor decline. But this season, everything is in full swing. Sean Cole reports from his own "Hell," also known as a snowy Boston.
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A novel business idea spells success

Jera and Brad Deal turned an inventive letter-hunting game with their daughter into a multimillion-dollar family business. Sean Cole paid them a visit and found the world around him full of letters.
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An average family? Meet the Simpsons

What if everybody in the world consumed like the "average" American family? Sean Cole went in search of that family to find out how much they consume in a given week or month. He didn't have to look too far.


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