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Features by Ryan Faughnder

PODCAST: Bernanke speaks, India's economy hits the breaks

The big news of the day is Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's much-anticipated speech at Jackson Hole. Also, we fact-check a misleading campaign ad about welfare.
Posted In: Obama, welfare, romney, Ben Bernanke

PODCAST: Citigroup settles lawsuit, consumer spending rises

Citigroup pays up for past deeds. Earlier this week, we learned the SEC is investigating Ally Financial for its own mortgage practices around that time.
Posted In: Citigroup, GOP, Angela Merkel

PODCAST: Isaac hits New Orleans, farmers see near record profits

Despite, or perhaps because of, the historic drought in the Midwest, farmers are making big profits. Isaac shuts down Louisiana's ports. And all those smartphones come with a cost: more than ever, we're tethered to our jobs.
Posted In: Oil, Hurricane Isaac, The Federal Reserve

PODCAST: GOP courts Latinos, Unilever unveils a new strategy

Housing is up, consumer confidence is down. How do you feel about the economy?
Posted In: GOP, Latino voters, podcast

PODCAST: Republicans consider the gold standard, Hertz to buy Dollar Thrifty

Among our main stories today are the wrap-up of earnings season, the potential fallout from the recent Apple vs. Samsung patent decision and the popularity of 3D movies in China.
Posted In: apple, gold standard, Europe

PODCAST: Lance Armstrong loses his medals, South Korean court rules in Apple vs Samsung

Will the "Lance" brand survive? Usually August means panic on the stock market, but this year we've seen the S&P 500 hit a four-year high and Apple stock rocket to over $670 a share. Have we bucked the trend? And an analyst has a model that predicts an Obama victory in November.
Posted In: lance armstrong, apple, Wall Street

Future Jobs 2020: The fastest-growing careers in the U.S.

Home health care aides top the list of the fastest-growing careers in the U.S. with an expected 69 percent increase by 2020. Physical therapy and veterinary techs not far behind.
Posted In: Future Jobs, top 10, Job creation

Future Jobs 2020: The fastest shrinking careers in the U.S.

Postal service workers top list of shrinking careers, followed by careers easily replaced by technology and the Internet.
Posted In: Future Jobs, top 10, Job creation

Future Jobs 2020: The lowest-paid careers in the U.S.

Waiters, bartenders and other service industry careers top the list for lowest paid, but the work is fairly easy to get if you need it.
Posted In: Future Jobs, bureau of labor statistics

Future Jobs: The highest-paid careers in the U.S.

Looking to climb to the top of the economic food chain? Then consider a future in one of these top-paid careers.
Posted In: Future Jobs, top 10, highest paying jobs


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