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Foreclosure scams on the rise

People facing foreclosure are becoming vulnerable to scammers promising to help modify loans. Reporter Rachel Dornhelm reports on one such scam in Oakland, Calif. and asks experts what consumers can do to stay safe.
Posted In: Housing

Ethanol you can brew at home

If you're done drinking for a while, why not turn your extra libations into fuel? Rachel Dornhelm explores a machine that turns alcohol and sugar waste into food for your car, and whether it can save you money over the long haul.
Posted In: Oil

The underemployment problem

Unemployment figures are in the news, but an even larger number of workers are underemployed -- working too few hours or stuck in field unrelated to their skills. Marketplace's Rachel Dornhelm reports.
Posted In: Jobs

Credit card crisis on the horizon

Next up in financial crisis headlines: credit cards. Delinquencies on card payments are on the rise and consumers are cutting back on credit card use. Neither is good for credit card companies. Rachel Dornhelm reports
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street

Tinker Bell breaks out on her own

Tinker Bell is back, and this time there's no more wearing herself ragged sprinkling fairy dust for that ham Peter Pan. A new Disney series of DVDs feature Tink and her fairy friends. Rachel Dornhelm has more.
Posted In: Entertainment

D.C. has big donation void to fill

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may not be viewed too favorably for their roles in the current credit crisis, but they were big contributors to local charities. Rachel Dornhelm looks into the loss for D.C. nonprofits.
Posted In: Charity

Bank bailout also curbs CEO pay

When Congress passed its bailout package, it also limited the pay for CEOs of the financial firms being rescued. And Rachel Dornhelm reports the guidelines could affect CEO compensation in all industries.
Posted In: Jobs

Acquired banks are allowed bad reports

If banks under merger deals come out with poor earnings reports, could the deals fall apart? Rachel Dornhelm reports an acquiring bank might not see a large write-down at a troubled partner as an entirely bad thing.
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions

Lower oil prices don't inspire airlines

With fuel prices half of what they were three months ago, it's surprising the airlines aren't doing so much better. Rachel Dornhelm reports air carriers are struggling with diminishing demand.
Posted In: Airlines

Not a great time for nonprofits

You guessed it: contributions to nonprofits have gone south with the economy. Among those organizations suffering the most are the ones catering to the arts. Rachel Dornhelm reports.


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