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Features by Queena Kim

Bethany Mota

Heard of Bethany Mota? She's one of ABC's newest stars

The network hopes to lure Mota's army of online followers back to prime-time TV.
Posted In: abc, YouTube, dancing, reality tv

'Security Princess' or 'Engineering Manager'?

One of the perks of working in Silicon Valley can be choosing your own title.
Posted In: Silicon Valley, startups

ABC is betting big on Shonda Rhimes

The network is promoting the showrunner as a star in her own right.
Posted In: football, diversity, abc, television

Will Apple's next offering be 'insanely great'?

Apple is expected to announce an iWallet, but what happens if they don't deliver?
Posted In: iPhone, apple, digital payments
Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie abandons logos to keep up with the trends

The company is making changes to appease current trends and make money.
Posted In: Abercrombie & Fitch, trends, clothing, fashion

So if millennials aren't using cash, who is?

People living in rural areas, for one. Seniors, too.
Posted In: cash, Millenials, apps

Want to learn cybersecurity? Head to Def Con.

You won't learn how to break into systems at most universities - the skills many companies want.
Posted In: hacking, cybersecurity, computer science

SoundCloud to start including ads in content streams

Do they risk undermining their core, indie-leaning fan base?
Posted In: soundcloud, ads, music streaming
Community Health Systems

Health records are an easy target for identity thieves

The word is Chinese hackers stole some 4.5 million patient records.
Posted In: data breach, hackers, digital medical records, cybersecurity

Equipping cops with cameras is only half the problem

All that data is difficult and expensive to manage.
Posted In: police, cameras, data storage


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