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Washington Post puts up paywall

The Washington Post is erecting a paywall. It’s one in a long list of newspapers that are trying this business model. So, how's it working out for them?
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Waze: A volunteered, social sort of surveillance?

Google scoops up the crowd-sourced social mapping app, where users volunteer their location and traffic details. How does volunteer surveillance data compare to the PRISM/NSA variety?
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Tech media freaks out over Google Glass at a shareholder's meeting

The headlines make it seem revolutionary, but it's not.
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Text vs. phone data: Which is more valuable to the government?

Government tracking of Verizon telephone records raises the question of just how valuable phone information really is. Would it be more useful to track text message records?
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Film preview: 'The Internship'

A new comedy opens at the box office this weekend. It's called "The Internship," and its a hilarious take on starting over in the workforce.
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Google's 'Nooglers' star in 'The Internship'

The new Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson movie, “The Internship” opens Friday, but one of the stars of the film isn't an actor, it's a propeller hat all new Google employees wear.
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Intel lays its chips on the table-t

Samsung has chosen to use Intel chips in one of their tablet devices, marking the chipmaker's first major foray into the mobile arena.
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Barry Diller looks to sell off Newsweek, 6 months after magazine goes all-digital

Media mogul Barry Diller, who runs Newsweek’s parent company IAC/Interactive Corp., says buying the publication was a mistake and is exploring a sale.
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Mothers are breadwinners in record 40% of U.S. households: Study

A new report from Pew shows that moms are now the primary breadwinnner in 40% of U.S. households, but not all super-moms are created equal.
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Money laundering goes virtual? U.S. accuses Liberty Reserve of moving billions

The Feds have accused Liberty Reserve of moving $6 billion for criminals involved in credit card fraud and Ponzi schemes by converting cash to virtual currency.
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