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Russia oil firm Rosneft enters deal with BP

The British Oil company BP is selling off its stake in a joint venture to the state-run Russian oil company Rosneft.
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Corruption a problem in Russia's courts

Some businesspeople in Russia say corrupt courts make them vulnerable to the whims of corrupt officials and rivals who want to take their businesses.
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Why Gazprom is halting Arctic gas field development

Ice is melting faster making it easier to extract oil and gas. But expenses and lower gas prices are proving troublesome for the Russian company.
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How Russia joining the WTO impacts the U.S.

After nearly two decades of negotiations, Russia is now officially a member of the World Trade Organization. It's an economic boon for Russia.
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Russian rock band Pussy Riot sentenced to prison

The band's official crime is "hooliganism by religious hatred." But to many inside and outside Russia, the case has come to represent considerably more than that.
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Russia likely to continue supplying arms to Syria

The U.S. has been pressing Russia to stop sending arms to Syria for much of the 16-month conflict between the government and opposition forces. Russia has said it will not make any new deals with Syria, but it looks like arms will continue to flow.
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Russia could pass controversial Internet bill

If you load the Russian version of Wikipedia today, you'll find a big pink bar across the top. And the site shut itself down completely yesterday to protest an Internet bill that looks likely to pass the Russian parliament. Human rights groups are also up in arms.
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Russian conference is big business showcase

On the eve of the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, some small businesses complain that they feel left out in the cold.
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Putin visits China to discuss partnership

Russia's President Putin is in China today to meet with Chinese President Hu Jintao about oil, natural gas, and a potential economic investment partnership.
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What's next for Russia's aviation industry after plane crash?

One of Russia's passenger planes crashed into a volcano in Indonesia. Reporter Peter van Dyk discusses the implications of the crash.
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