A former National Book Award finalist and winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award, Jess Walter is the author of five novels and one non-fiction book. His work has been translated into more than 20 languages and his essays, short fiction, criticism and journalism have been widely published, in Playboy, McSweeney's, ESPN the Magazine, Details, Newsweek, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe among many others.


Features by Jess Walter

My first job: A restaurant dishwasher

Author Jess Walter takes us back to his first real job in the working world. Checkered tablecloths and all.
Posted In: My First Job, Jess Walters

Walter: Writers on Work

Walter: Writers on Work This week, we've been hearing from authors about the topic that is sure to come up over many Thanksgiving dinners: the economy. Here's novelist Jess Walter.
Posted In: Writers on Work
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