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China, South Africa align interests

China's Minister of Foreign Affairs is visiting South Africa this week, and peacekeeping is one of the main issues at hand. Gretchen Wilson reports what else is on the agenda for South Africa's biggest trading partner.

Kenyans seek food, shelter in crisis

The violence in Kenya has uprooted a quarter of a million people, and the U.N. is rushing provisions to the country to combat hunger and malaria. Gretchen Wilson reports Kenyans also face an identity crisis.

Kenya turmoil's impact felt across region

The turmoil in Kenya has subsided but it is still sending economic ripples across East Africa. Correspondent Gretchen Wilson is monitoring the situation. She spoke with host Bob Moon.

Violence closing Kenya for business

Kenya's unrest has resulted in a temporary close of its stock market, looted stores and significantly reduced trade. Gretchen Wilson reports on the economic damage from the violence.

Zimbabwe children fend for themselves

With Zimbabwe's inflation out of control and about 80% of its workforce unemployed, thousands of its citizens are crossing into South Africa illegally to find work. Many of them are children who make that journey by themselves. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Pig donations bring home the bacon

The average annual income in Lesotho is $100 a year, but a $195 donation can buy a family an income-generating piglet that can boost that income substantially. Gretchen Wilson reports.
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South Africa backs Zuma for change

Newly elected South African President Jacob Zuma came to office after a bribery scandal last year. Gretchen Wilson reports what made him a strong candidate this time, even despite strong opposition.

Open trade draws U.S. oil to Libya

Libya's multibillion-dollar deal with France is just one example of how the country is beginning to actively trade with Western countries. Gretchen Wilson reports U.S. oil firms are expectedly attracted.

S. African candidate campaigns in U.S.

A leading candidate for president of South Africa is lobbying in the United States for business partnerships and investment. He's shaken off rape charges and corruption allegations but he's yet to make peace with the international business community. Gretchen Wilson reports.

South African miners to strike for safety

A quarter of a million miners are set to walk off the job in South Africa on Tuesday to call attention to unsafe working conditions. Mining has been part of the country's fabric for more than a century, but little attention has been paid to the human costs. Gretchen Wilson reports.
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