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World Bank directors to decide on new leader

Apr 16, 2012
Today the World Bank's directors are picking a new new president. The U.S. has nominated one candidate, and historically the American choice gets the job. But for the first time, there's another contender -- from the developing world.

In Mozambique, subsidy curbs spark worries

Jun 16, 2011
Mozambique is ending universal subsidies on a range of basic daily necessities, but fears of public unrest mean targeted subsidies remain.

Nations strive to reach Millennium Goals

Sep 21, 2010
World leaders in New York are reviewing the progress of the so-called Millennium Development Goals, a set of concrete goals most countries agreed to at the end of the 90s aimed at improving the quality of life for billions. But the deal was signed before the global financial crisis hit. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Mozambique to stop bread price hike

Sep 8, 2010
Consumers in Mozambique are celebrating after their government said it would cancel a scheduled price increase for rolls of bread. That initial announcement led to riots. Reporter Gretchen Wilson talks with Steve Chiotakis about why this is a big deal for the southern African nation and whether the demonstrations could start again.

Zuma seeks investment amid strikes

Aug 24, 2010
South African President Jacob Zuma is in China to sign some key free trade deals. But back home, his country's workers are on strike. Reporter Gretchen Wilson talks the details with Steve Chiotakis.

Oil discovered off coast of Mozambique

Aug 19, 2010
U.S. oil company Anadarko has discovered oil off the coast of Mozambique. It's the first time oil has been discovered near this part of East Africa. It's still unclear whether getting the oil out of the sea floor will make economic sense. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Global diamond industry eyes abuse in Zimbabwe

Jun 21, 2010
Members of the international diamond industry will decide whether to expel Zimbabwe over abusive practices in its diamond trade.

World Cup security guards strike in wage dispute

Jun 15, 2010
World Cup security guards are protesting low wages with strikes in multiple host cities.

World Cup 2010 opens with high hopes of prosperity

Jun 11, 2010
South Africa rejoices as the World Cup 2010 opens to an electric mood in Johannesburg and hopes for economic growth.

World Cup pushes out South Africa's poor

Jun 3, 2010
South Africa has spent more than $2 billion on infrastructure to get ready for the World Cup. But critics say a lot of the money is pushing aside the poor.