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Xenophobia only hurts South Africa

South Africa's economy relies on as many as 5 million foreign nationals. But when mobs attacked these foreigners last month, more than 50,000 of the migrants fled. Gretchen Wilson reports how that could hurt the country.
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An 'Africa 101' for U.S. businesses

Some prominent African-Americans and representatives from major U.S. companies have journeyed to Africa for a summit to help lift the world's poorest continent. Gretchen Wilson reports on the meeting's educational benefits.

Violence spurs humanitarian crisis

Anti-immigrant violence in South Africa has forced tens of thousands from their homes and could have a long-lasting economic impact on the region. Gretchen Wilson reports from outside Johannesburg.
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Violence harms South African economy

Recent violence in South Africa has killed at least 50 immigrants and made thousands flee their homes. Gretchen Wilson reports how this could affect the country's economy, which thrives on its immigrant population.

Anti-immigrant anger erupts in S. Africa

Millions of Zimbabwe residents have fled to South Africa to escape the turmoil in their country. But their influx has touched off brutal riots in Johannesburg. Reporter Gretchen Wilson is there and describes the scene.

Apartheid suits target U.S. companies

Chevron, Citigroup and Ford are among companies accused in three lawsuits of profiting from South Africa's former apartheid system. A move by the U.S. Supreme Court has cleared the way for the lawsuits to go forward. Gretchen Wilson has more.
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Food crisis hits middle class here, abroad

It's not just the poor who are suffering from the global food crisis. More middle-class people are having trouble feeding themselves. Sean Cole visits a family in Minnesota. Then, Gretchen Wilson reports from South Africa where home gardening is a necessity.

Zimbabwe is 'beyond crisis point'

The U.N. Security Council meets today to discuss the unverified results of last month's election in Zimbabwe. The country's economy was devastated under President Robert Mugabe. What if he is re-elected? Gretchen Wilson reports from Johannesburg.

Malaria's toll in dollars and deaths

Malaria kills more than a million people around the world every year, and most clinical cases are in Africa. On World Malaria Day, Gretchen Wilson talks about the disease, its effect on the continent and new efforts to control it.
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Harnessing power from the Congo River

The World Energy Council meets in London today to work on plans for an $80 billion hydropower dam on the Congo River that could double the electricity available on the continent. Gretchen Wilson reports.


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