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Africa resists lure of tobacco companies

International tobacco companies are cultivating millions of new smokers in Africa and other developing nations. Now the continent is a battleground between tobacco companies and the activists who want to stop them. Gretchen Wilson reports.
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South Africans strike against low wages

South Africa has seen job-related strikes across a wide range of industries over the past several months. South African workers want President Jacob Zuma to pressure employers to raise wages. Gretchen Wilson reports.
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Ghana leading Africa in governance

President Obama makes his first visit today to sub-Saharan Africa, but chose Ghana as his priority country over several others with more prominent business prospects. Gretchen Wilson explores the motivation behind the president's choice.

Equatorial Guinea not seeing oil money

Equatorial Guinea's GDP has increased more than 5,000 percent since it discovered huge offshore oil reserves in the early 1990's. But Human Rights Watch says the country's half a million people haven't seen that wealth. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Going abroad for internships

The financial crisis is making it harder for students and recent grads to get internships they need to build their resumes. So, many young Americans are looking overseas for opportunity. Gretchen Wilson reports from South Africa.
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Oil attack puts Nigeria in sticky place

Oil prices were dropping until a major militant group in Nigeria said it attacked a Royal Dutch Shell oil platform. Gretchen Wilson reports there are questions about whether Nigeria's government can quell the violence.
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Tournament a test run for South Africa

Today's Confederations Cup soccer tournament is a priority for South Africa, which will have to deal with the chaos of next year's World Cup. The trial's success brings with it a chance for a new face for the continent. Gretchen Wilson reports.
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Malawi finds economic success

Africa's reputation may bring to mind starving children or civil wars. Not political stability or economic growth. But one country is shaking off its old reputation. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Black South Africans may lose farms

In 1994 then South African President Mandela pledged to redistribute 30% of white-owned farmland to the black majority. But now the government is threatening to take that land back. Gretchen Wilson reports.

How Zuma could affect South Africa

South Africa's ruling African National Congress is expected to win tomorrow's election, and some investors worry about the new administration's economic plans. Steve Chiotakis explores the potential new platform with Gretchen Wilson in Johannesburg.


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