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Treating Missing Persons as a Massive Multiplayer Task

…could be revolutionary, actually

Microsoft and Murdoch cooking up a deal?

The Financial Times reports that The Redmond Based Software Giant is talking to Murdoch about paying to have all News Corp content removed from...

"We are selling 400 times more games on iPhone than on Android"

says a French game developer that is, understandably, cutting back on Android efforts.

Paul F. Tompkins and the pivotal 300

The esteemed comedian and friend of the show has come up with an interesting way of leveraging Teh Interwebzzz to book his shows and travel. If 300...

Some guys date their Love Plus video game girlfriends

some guys take it a step further. They love the game so much they, well, you know.

Psycho Acoustics is the name of my new Courtney Love- James Taylor mashup band

From Wired: California company selling what they call simulations of Beatles songs for 25 cents. They say they were produced through a process...

Easily my favorite music video in a long time

Maybe ever. Charlotte Gainsbourg + Beck + Weirdness. Oh, and just to have a reason to put it here: technology.

Apple's App Store Approval Process

That's a whole lot of use of the letters a-p-p in a row. But the app store has more problems than that what with slow approvals, seemingly...


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