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Nice knowing you, blogging

But the teens don't think you're Fonzie anymore.
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New X Prize for Brain Computer Interface

plus Kurzweil talk on Singularity here.

Yet another iPad essay

but way more enlightening than others:...

Vampire Weekend music and lots of it and right here.

I post this not because I'm a huge fan of the band, don't know them much really. I know they're popular, just haven't gotten around to it yet. But...

Google won't censor results in China

Big G's statement on recent events in China.

Apple Tablet Speculation Clearinghouse vol. 3

What if the tablet has somethin' what it gets shoved into?

Nexus One problems already?

Users report lots of drops from T-Mobile 3G network. Is T-Mobile the RC Cola of networks?

iPhone v. Android? Let's not forget profit margin

This from Farhad Manjoo in Slate:...

Apple Tablet Speculation Clearinghouse vol. 2

The Wall Street Journal says it gets unveiled this month, ships in March.


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