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Near Fatal Shocks on TV - for Fun!

At least that's what the contestants thought they were delivering…
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Games in the future won't be games

They'll be the way we live. Oh, and the future has already started. Jesse Schell from Carnegie Mellon University explains how the gaming systems...
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Denny's Invites You to Follow a Random Taiwanese Man Named Dennys on Twitter

Fun article on Gizmodo about the restaurant chain not being so good about the social networking.
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Windows Phone 7 Mobile Series or whatever it's called is doomed, says Joe Wilcox

Microsoft's problem is more about timing than strategy — or technology (Hey, I like the user interface and presumed user experience, too). If...
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Augmented Reality on Bing Maps

Redmond Software Giant has been playing an awful lot of catch up in recent years but this TED talk was a jaw dropper. Stay tuned to the bit about...
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A conversation Dan has every month or so

Me: (tries to visit a local restaurant's website via iPhone)Restaurant website: I require Flash. Fuck off.Me: I just want to know how late you're...
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Google announces non-whatthehellisthisfor product

They intend to create their own fiber network with speeds 100x faster than average broadband....
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Now I want an iPad AND to become a comics geek

This could really be huge for comics.
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Shut up!

I worry that long after our civilization is dead we will be judged not by our art and humanity and innovation but by the dumbass things said on...
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