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January champions music's underdogs

The music charts indicate that January is a time for new musical discovery. Less mainstream bands are selling, while typical chart-toppers like Hannah Montana are slumping. Andrea Gardner reports.
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Saying 'Aloha' to the Sugar Bowl

The football team at the University of Hawaii is playing its biggest game ever, and winning could offer big rewards to the school. Andrea Gardner reports the pay-offs go beyond the cash.
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Why not an oil change for Christmas?

As budgets tighten through a rough economy, consumers are looking at holiday gift-giving more prudently. Andrea Gardner reports that gift cards for practical things such as groceries and oil changes are on the rise.

Goodwill goes 'vintage,' gets trendy

With yesterday's fashions filling trendy shops, what's old isn't just new again, it's new and expensive. No surprisee, then, that even Goodwill stores are getting some fashion sense. Andrea Gardner reports.
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Teaming up online to buy in bulk

What if, in order to get a discount on an item, you could join a group of shoppers to buy that product in bulk. Some Internet start-ups hope that kind of online buying will be the next big thing. Andrea Gardner reports.
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Teens are growing into luxury market

The high end of the retail market has been immune to the queasy economy. Adults with disposable income have kept brand-name retailers feeling no pain. But Andrea Gardner tells us the average luxury consumer is getting younger -- much younger.
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Bullies in the workplace

Most of us have left bullies behind in the schoolyard . . . or have we? As Andrea Gardner found out, there's a disturbing new trend in office harassment claims. Is there a sheep in wolf's clothing in your office?
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Viral videos are spreading fast

Film maker Robert Greenwald has turned his talents toward making politically-charged videos funded by private groups and donors. It's a new phenomenon. There's money to be made. And, maybe, some campaigns to be won. Andrea Gardner reports.

TV tries new ways to keep you on the couch

A new set of TV ratings coming out this year could affect not only which shows you watch, but also what you see during the commercial breaks. Andrea Gardner explains.
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Campuses clamor for danger alert system

Colleges across the nation have sought out better emergency notification systems in the days following Monday's deadly shootings at Virginia Tech. That's led hundreds of them to a company called Omnilert.
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