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Chinese people line up to buy iPhone 4S in a China Unicom store in the early morning on January 13, 2012 in Beijing, China. - 

Do shoppers in India care more about price than in the U.S.? What about brand reputation?

A Nielsen survey of 29,000 online respondents in 50 countries looked at the shopping behavior of consumers worldwide.

Turns out North America and Europe preferred price over other options, while consumers in Asia and the Asia-Pacific region tended to be more impulsive and attracted to designer labels.

Latin American shoppers, on the other hand, perused the racks a little longer before making their purchases. And in the Middle East and Africa, consumers tended to be influenced by industry experts and preferred famous brands above all.

But shopping behavior wasn't all that different in one specific area: Two-thirds of global respondents said that quality was their most important concern.