Customers try out new computers in an Apple store. The computer industry scores highest in popularity among businesses according to a Gallup poll. - 

We talk frequently about which companies are making and losing money. But what about likeability? Which industries have the best reputations?

Frank Newport, editor-in-chief of Gallup, says the computer and Internet industries are winning the popularity contest. According to Gallup's poll, 73 percent of Americans said their impression of the computer industry is positive, by far the highest of any of the 25 industries studied.

"That's where you want to be if you want to be in an industry that is revered by the average American," Newport says.

The Internet business also did well. In addition, the retail industry was a top contender. Anything having to do with food or food production was perceived positively.

On the other end of the spectrum is the federal government, which came in second to last. That's up one place from last year's poll, though. The only group that scored lower was the oil and gas industry. Only 22 percent of people had a positive reaction to the oil and gas sector, which could have to do with the ups and downs of gas prices, Newport says.