King Zulu waves to the crowd as his parade passes along Canal Street on Mardi Gras day in New Orleans, La. - 

Lee Transue: My name is Lee Transue. I live in Brooklyn, N.Y. and I work in book publishing. It is a very unimportant-looking leather wallet. First is my Bank of America debit card and then my driver's license. I have a Borders reward tab and a Duane Reade reward tab -- neither of which I use ever. You've shown me a revelation. I really need to go through my wallet and get rid of things I don't use.

Oh! This is interesting. I totally forgot about this. I traveled to New Orleans and bought something called a "lucky bean." It comes with a little piece of paper. "The Lucky Mojo Wish Bean: This special bean has been blessed by local New Orleans voodoo practitioners for good luck. Hold the Lucky Mojo Wish Bean in your left hand and visualize the result you desire." Well, I don't think that I've actually massaged this bean in particular for good luck. Oh, there I've lost it. Can't have gone far; it's got rolling power. I'll look for it. I guess it's not good luck after all, yeah?

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