20100915 cyberwar1
Cadet Tera Corbari, center, participates in the 9th annual Cyber Defense Exercise last week. The exercise pitted West Point Cadets against teams from the four other service academies as they designed, built and configured a computer system. During the CDX the teams defended their networks against an outside attack from National Security Agency and Dept. of Defense personnel. The teams were evaluated on their ability to defend their networks and keep their systems on-line and available. - 

The U.S. posture on cyber warfare is largely defensive, with military geeks focused on preventing and mitigating Internet-based attacks on critical infrastructure. John Arquilla, professor of defense analysis at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, believes Pentagon code-slingers should alter their focus somewhat and team with International white hat hackers to disable the war-making capabilities of nations preparing to go to fight.