This is your brain on Wi-Fi

Jun 8, 2015
The new sci-fi thriller "Apex" explores the drawbacks of a world too connected.
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Ray Kurzweil on the surprising simplicity of the human brain

Apr 5, 2013
Legendary inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil shares his thoughts on the way humans and technology are becoming more intertwined and an irony of the human mind.
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NIH director welcomes BRAIN initiative

Apr 4, 2013
National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins says government funding is the best way to support large scientific enterprises and fundamental health advances.
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The economic benefits of mapping the human brain

Feb 18, 2013
President Obama wants to fund a project to look at how brain activity works. A decade of research could help create new devices and procedures.
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Watch what you think with a new brain wave looker-atter

Feb 1, 2012
New technology at Berkeley
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Sleep app

Oct 10, 2011
How are you sleeping? Not so great? There's a new app called Zeo that's supposed to help with all that. It all starts with a headband. From Reuters...
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