Bernie Madoff

Are we safer from Ponzi schemes now?

Jan 9, 2014
A lot has changed since Bernard Madoff defrauded $17 billion. Has it made a difference?
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Do big fines even matter for JP Morgan Chase?

Jan 6, 2014
The bank faces a hefty penalty for failing to warn customers of Bernie Madoff's infamous scheme, but all the fines don't seem hurt the company at all.
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Judge mulls additional payment to Madoff victims

Aug 22, 2012
At issue: Should part of the money earmarked for victims be set aside for interest on lost investments?
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New settlement comes out of Madoff Ponzi scandal

Jun 25, 2012
There's a new settlement related to the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. It's about a money manager named Ezra Merkin, who has agreed to pay more than $400 million dollars to his former customers who lost billions when he invested their money with Madoff.
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Mets owners settle Madoff suit

Mar 19, 2012
The owners of the New York Mets, who were Bernard Madoff investors and friends, agree to pay $162 million of gains from the Ponzi scheme.
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On 2nd anniversary of Madoff's Ponzi scheme arrest, son found dead

Dec 12, 2010
It's been two years since federal authorities hauled Bernie Madoff to lock-up for confessing to be the biggest con man in financial history. Thi...
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