Skijoring brings cowboys and skiers to Western towns, but warm weather leaves the sport in flux

Mar 7, 2024
Many small towns across the Rocky Mountain West depend on the sport for an economic boost during an otherwise slow winter, but this year it's been tricky with unseasonably warm temperatures.
A cowboy and his horse pull a skier off a jump on the Pinedale skijoring course. The fastest time wins.
Caitlin Tan/Wyoming Public Radio

Warm winter forces some businesses and events to get creative

Mar 6, 2024
Parts of the Upper Midwest and Northeast were especially warm from December through February. These are areas of the country that rely on snow and cold to attract tourists and their dollars to ski resorts, ice rinks and snowmobile trails.
Water sits on the surface of the Millennium Park ice rink during an unusually warm winter day in Chicago last month.
Scott Olson/Getty Images