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Uncertainty in Italy radiates to eurozone

Feb 26, 2013
Poll results in Italy show power is split between a number of parties, including one led by former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

Italy election deadlock reignites debt crisis fears

Feb 26, 2013
The European debt crisis has calmed down a lot in the past few months, but elections in Italy have ended in deadlock and uncertainty is back.

Mario Monti open to leading Italy again

Dec 24, 2012
The outgoing Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Monti, has said he would would be prepared to head up any new government committed to his economic reforms.

Italy's political worries scare investors

Dec 10, 2012
The last thing the global economy needed was more political upheaval in Europe. But that's what we're getting. Italian prime minister Mario Monti plans to resign, and there will be elections early in 2013.

Italian PM Mario Monti announces plans to step down

Dec 10, 2012
Italy, the third biggest economy in the euro zone, has been plunged into political turmoil as Prime Minister Mario Monti has announced plans to step down.

Italian lawmakers vote on austerity measures

Dec 16, 2011
A vote today in Italy passes a round of austerity measures suggested by newly appointed Prime Minister Mario Monti. But is it enough to make a dent in the problem?

Mario Monti unveils austerity plan for Italy

Dec 5, 2011
The new leader of Italy has announced a plan for tax increases and spending cuts to deal with the ongoing debt crisis in the country

For public good, not for profit.

Italians react to Mario Monti's austerity plan

Dec 5, 2011
After months of protest, it appears Italians may finally be ready to work with the government to fix the nation's crumbling economy.

Italy's new leader must satisfy home and abroad

Nov 14, 2011
Newly-appointed Italian prime minister Mario Monti begins to form a new government. But the economist won't just be trying to appeal to domestic voters -- he also must satisfy foreign investors.