RVs are becoming an alternative to high rents in LA

Dec 19, 2017
As rents rise in the city, some people seek out cheaper alternatives like RVs.
This once-inhabited RV sits on a tow lot in South Los Angeles. If no one claims it, it'll go up for sale. L.A. officials say increasingly, investors buy up RV's like this and rent them out to people who have trouble finding affordable housing. 
Rina Palta/ for Marketplace

Millennials with "boom-mates" could ease the housing crunch

Aug 8, 2017
Renting a room from an empty nester can save a young person thousands a year. The older generation gets something, too.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Millennials like city homes but not the high prices

Sep 27, 2016
Rising city home prices rises force some younger people to the suburbs.
Scott Olson/Getty Images