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Segments From this episode

All the problems in China

Apr 20, 2006
Chinese President Hu Jintao met President Bush today in Washington. Intellectual property protection was discussed, but the Chinese government is unlikely to do much to quell the problem, piracy expert Andrew Mertha tells host Kai Ryssdal. That's because China has too many other problems right now.<br /><b>Latest in a series: The Price of Piracy.</b>

New law, same old debt

Apr 20, 2006
A year ago today, President Bush signed a major overhaul of America's bankruptcy law. It was meant to staunch the flow of people filing for bankruptcy. But Chris Farrell of American RadioWorks reports that the reform looks unlikely to do what it set out to do.<br /><b>A special report by Marketplace and American RadioWorks.</b>

Courts chip away at knockoff heaven

Apr 20, 2006
The Beijing High Court has upheld a judgment in favor of five luxury brands who sued the landlord of the city's most notorious counterfeit shopping center. But will anything change? Jocelyn Ford reports.<br /><b>Latest in a series: The Price of Piracy.</b>