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02/22/2018: Remember when banking was boring?

Steven Mnuchin walks into Trump Tower on December 12, 2016 in New York City. He is President-elect Donald Trump's nominee for treasury secretary.   Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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Here we are, 10 years after the American financial system imploded, and something amazing has happened. President Donald Trump came into office saying he would “do a big number” on the “disaster” that was Dodd-Frank, but now his administration is keeping key parts of the legislation, like the rule letting the government liquidate a failing financial firm in a crisis. And you know what? Banks seem OK with that. We’ll explain. Then: We spent some time last year talking about how the president can affect stock prices with a tweet, but he’s not the only one. Snap shares dropped 6 percent today after Kylie Jenner said she hardly uses Snapchat anymore. What’s that say about the company’s business model? Plus, the economics of TV’s reboot frenzy.

Segments From this episode

Some immigrants returning to Mexico find new opportunities

by Jorge Valencia Feb 22, 2018
A computer coding class seeks to train young people for jobs in Mexico.

Could kelp help mitigate ocean acidification?

by Jes Burns Feb 22, 2018
Seawater's changing chemistry is making it harder for oysters and other shellfish to grow.

Kylie Jenner tweeted displeasure about Snapchat. Is that a problem?

by Dan Gorenstein Feb 22, 2018
If you’re a business that cultivates high-profile celebrity influencers, what do you do when one of them expresses displeasure to millions of followers? That’s the position Snap finds itself in after Kylie Jenner tweeted that she doesn’t open Snapchat anymore. Jenner, apparently, doesn’t much like the app’s new design, and neither do more than a […]

Explaining the craze in TV reboots

by Kai Ryssdal and Paulina Velasco Feb 22, 2018
Why they shine brightly - and briefly - in a crowded TV market.

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