Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Electronic cigarettes are getting more popular all the time. Which may be why more places are starting to put more restrictions on the technology. Today in New York, the City Council is considering whether to restrict e-cigarettes just like regular cigarettes--banning their use in offices, in restaurants, and on beaches. The more technology kids interact with, the more adults want to set some controls on that interaction. New options do abound. One of the latest from a company called FiLIP: a smartwatch that lets parents control who the kid calls, among other things. And, the latest Mind Games, Marketplace Tech's series on video games and mental health.

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SpaceX heads to the stars

After some false starts, private rocket maker SpaceX launched a rocket carrying a large commercial satellite into outer space yesterday.
Posted In: spacex

Autistic kids may one day learn social interaction through avatars

New gaming technology could change the way autistic children learn social communication.

With more gadgets, more parental controls

This holiday season there are more kinds of gadgets for kids -- and many more ways for parents to control access.
Posted In: parental control, smartwatch

New York City considers restrictions on electronic cigarettes

The city council in New York is considering the same restrictions for e-cigarettes that already exist for regular cigarettes.
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