Marketplace Tech for Thursday, September 12, 2013

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We already know the NSA trades data with U.S. allies. But the latest document leak from Edward Snowden suggests all of that phone and online data the NSA is sucking in is being shared in raw form with at least one country: Israel. And today LinkedIn throws open the digital doors to, of all people, teenagers.

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Dell shareholders approve $25 billion buyout

But big questions still remain for the struggling computer technology company.
Posted In: Tech, Dell, Carl Icahn, Michael Dell

Israel gets raw and unfiltered data from the NSA

According to the latest document leak from Edward Snowden.
Posted In: nsa, Edward Snowden, Israel, surveillance

LinkedIn opens doors to younger teens

The company is lowering the entry age from 18 to 14.
Posted In: linkedin, teenagers, social network

The underground child exchange

A new investigation reveals a network of parents who are offering unwanted children to others via online message boards.
Posted In: children, adoptive parents, re-homing

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