Marketplace Tech for Friday, August 16, 2013

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The so-called Syrian Electronic Army can add a few notches to its hacking belt -- one for The Washington Post, CNN, and Time magazine. Those are just the latest media organizations to be hacked by the group that supports Bashar al-Assad. This week brought us news that North Korea was getting into the smartphone business. State media announced that the country was producing the new Arirang “hand phone” with an Android operating system. The smartphone's true origins are in dispute.

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Google's new search knows too much about you

What are you doing tomorrow? Google already knows.
Posted In: Google, Internet search, big data

North Korea's very own smartphone

The closed dictatorship just released its very own smartphone with an Android operating system. Now all they need is some internet access.
Posted In: North Korea, smartphone

Syrian Electronic Army hacked U.S. media companies using Outbrain

The group supporting Bashar al-Assad hacked a service called Outbrain in order to target WaPo, CNN, and Time.
Posted In: Syria Internet, syria, cnn, washington post, hacking, cybersecurity

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