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Segments From this episode

Breaking the rules of international trade?

Oct 26, 2005
Lots of American firms do business overseas, but foreign competitors argue the U.S. is unfairly tilting the field. Today in Washington, some will try to repeal a controversial U.S. trade practice. Scott Tong reports.

Junior insomniacs?

Oct 26, 2005
A new study finds that youth under 18 are the fastest growing segment of the sleeping pill market. As Helen Palmer reports, Big Pharma is encouraging the trend.

Broadway is murder

Oct 26, 2005
The woman behind Broadway's "The Perfect Crime" stars, takes tickets, and sweeps floors at her theater. Is this mad scramble what it takes to compete with the Disneys and Comcasts of Broadway?

Hurricanes cause turbulence for airlines

Oct 26, 2005
This hurricane season has been particularly tough on the besieged airline industry. Rachel Dornhelm looks at just how bad it's been.