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Segments From this episode

Tucking in around the wood stove

Oct 11, 2005
The high cost of energy is driving up sales of woodstoves even before the first hits. This is the first time the industry has seen such a surge in demand since 1979. Monica Brady Myerov reports.

The Delphi effect

Oct 11, 2005
Michigan Radio's William Poorman looks at how Delphi's bankruptcy may impact former parent company GM.

Women in the Japanese workplace

Oct 11, 2005
As Japanese officials press for broad reforms in the country's economy, a profound shift is also starting to occur in Japan's tradition-bound corporate culture. From Tokyo, Shia Levitt has more.

When is tax reform hot?

Oct 11, 2005
President Bush's advisory panel on federal tax reform meets today to discuss changes to the tax code that actually might stir up some sparks. Scott Tong reports.