Nov 2, 2005

Marketplace AM for November 2, 2005

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Segments From this episode

Gates guns for Google

Nov 2, 2005
Microsoft has announced plans to offer an online version of its Windows operating software, going head-to-head with archrival Google in the field of cyber applications. Ethan Lindsey reports.
Bill Gates
photo Mike Clarke/AFP (c) Getty Images

Gas prices dip, a little

Nov 2, 2005
The government reports Wednesday that crude oil inventories grew for the fourth straight week. At the same time, the average price of gas has dropped to pre-Katrina levels. Bob Moon reports.

A poor grapefruit outlook

Nov 2, 2005
Hurricane Wilma devastated more than half of Florida's grapefruit crop. Robin Sussingham looks at what the damage will likely mean for consumers.

Direct to consumer advertising

Nov 2, 2005
The FDA is considering revising rules about how much risk information prescription drug commercials must include in their television advertising. Hillary Wicai reports

The team

Stephen Ryan Producer, BBC

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