Nov 15, 2005

Marketplace AM for November 15, 2005

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October retail sales

Nov 15, 2005
The government's retail sales figures for October are expected to be released today, and as Rachel Dornhelm reports, it doesn't appear that higher gas prices have put much of a crimp in consumer spending.

Western Union clamps down on fraud

Nov 15, 2005
Western Union has announced a series of steps designed to discourage consumers from wiring money to fraudulent telemarketers. Scott Jagow reports.

The illegal art trade

Nov 15, 2005
The Getty Center's former antiquities curator is going on trial in Italy for conspiring to loot Roman artifacts. It's part of Italy's efforts to curb the illicit art trade, but as Megan Williams reports, not everyone in the art world is happy.

Bernanke hearings

Nov 15, 2005
The Senate Banking Committee opens hearings today on Ben Bernanke's nomination as chairman of the Federal Reserve board. John Dimsdale reports.

The team

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