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Lots of lookers, few buyers

May 28, 2007
Checking out open houses has become a popular pasttime for people who have no intent or money to actually buy the house they're looking at. A great story for Cash Peters.

Coke could be making another splash

May 28, 2007
Last week Coca-Cola bought Glaceau of New York. Today there are reports that Coke could take over Britain's second-biggest mineral-water supplier. Stephen Beard reports.

In China, English lessons on speed dial

May 28, 2007
So you're in China and you're dying to learn English. Can't get to class? Too pricey? No worries — the lessons can come to you on your cell phone. Scott Tong reports.

Afraid to leave work

May 28, 2007
A recent study found that nearly half of American workers don't take all of their vacation days. What is wrong with us? Do we love our jobs that much?Uh, not quite. Stacey Vanek Smith takes a look.
Empty deck chairs on a cruise ship
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Candidates try to enter a younger space online

May 28, 2007
Many of the presidential hopefuls have created pages on the popular social networking website MySpace. Alana Germany of Youth Radio checked them out.