Mar 3, 2006

Marketplace AM for March 3, 2006

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And the 'Brandy' goes <nobr>to . . .</nobr>

Mar 3, 2006
You've heard of the Oscars, of course. But what about the "Brandies"? These Hollywood trophies go to the company with the most product placement in movies. Lisa Napoli explains.

Metro voice

Mar 3, 2006
This week, the District of Columbia unveiled a new voice for its Metro subway system. And as Gretchen Cook reports, the nation's capital is getting it free of charge.

The Job Files: Mystery shopper

Mar 3, 2006
This installment of the Job Files looks at a spy disguised as a customer.

Mr. Bush in Pakistan

Mar 3, 2006
President Bush heads to Pakistan tomorrow to meet with President Pervez Musharraf. Miranda Kennedy reports the American President will be offering a package of economic concessions to reward Pakistan's help in the war on terror.

The team

Stephen Ryan Producer, BBC