Jan 26, 2006

Marketplace AM for January 26, 2006

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Segments From this episode

Rental car revenue shift

Jan 26, 2006
A new report out indicates that people now rent more cars from neighborhood locations than they do from airports. Brian Watt explains the shift.

Top green-powered companies

Jan 26, 2006
Renewable energy sources are twice as expensive as conventional sources, but according to EPA, several major companies are increasing their reliance on green power. Alex Cohen tells us why.

Airplane WiFi

Jan 26, 2006
The FCC plans to sell airwave frequencies that could be used to provide airline passengers access to the Internet. Jason Paur looks at the market for WiFi in the sky.

Excise tax

Jan 26, 2006
Personal finance expert Chris Farrell and host Scott Jagow discuss the colorful origins of the federal excise tax, and why it might soon be repealed.

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Stephen Ryan Producer, BBC