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Segments From this episode

A cable TV cafeteria

Feb 10, 2006
The FCC says giving viewers a choice of what channels to include in their cable TV packages is cheaper than provider-selected bundles. Eric Niiler has more.

Roadless lawsuit

Feb 10, 2006
The list of Western states suing the Bush administration over plans to open roadless areas in national forests to logging grew to four yesterday when Washington State joined the fray. Sam Eaton looks at what's at stake for the timber and eco-tourism industries.

Video games give investors pause on Sudan

Feb 10, 2006
Student activists no longer rely on rallies in the quad to pressure investors to pull out of areas of the world they consider repressive. They're using video games to get their point across. And as Jeff Tyler reports, they're coming through loud and clear.

Olympic endorsement deals

Feb 10, 2006
Business of sports commentator Diana Nyad looks at which athletes are likely to get big endorsement deals out of this year's Winter Games with Scott Jagow.