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Aug 8, 2007

Marketplace AM for August 8, 2007

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Segments From this episode

Not just a tax haven anymore...

Aug 8, 2007
Bear Stearns is testing offshore legal waters. The Wall Street investment house is trying to keep two bankruptcy cases in Cayman Island courts, but investors and creditors want a U.S. judge to force Bear to re-file here. Jill Barshay has…

U.K. farmers want to get paid

Aug 8, 2007
Farmers in Britain are losing money fast because of the latest outbreak of foot and mouth disease, and they're ready to sue anyone found responsible. First up could be an American company. Stephen Beard has more.

No match, no job

Aug 8, 2007
Any day now, the Department of Homeland Security is expected to unveil new rules requiring employers to fire workers whose Social Security numbers don't match their names. But critics say don't expect those workers to go home. Jeremy Hobson reports.

China bares its teeth

Aug 8, 2007
Capitol Hill's threats to punish China for undervaluing its currency are starting to aggravate government officials there. They're willing to use China's holdings in U.S. bonds to retaliate, and that could really hurt, Ambrose Evans-Prichard tells us.

Late return to private equity game

Aug 8, 2007
Five years ago Morgan Stanley got out of the private equity business. Turns out that was a big mistake, but why has it decided to start a new fund in Europe just as the private equity boom seems to be…

There's aid, and then there's free aid

Aug 8, 2007
The United States spends billions each year to try to improve living conditions for the world's poor, but critics in some nations say too often those U.S. dollars come with strings attached. Take Bolivia for example. Mary Stucky reports.

Labor union shops for a candidate

Aug 8, 2007
AFL-CIO leaders meet today to discuss the possible endorsement of a presidential candidate as early as this fall. The labor union is smaller this time around, but claims it'll carry a greater punch than ever. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Big Olympic spenders in Beijing

Aug 8, 2007
Corporate sponsors are expected to splurge on the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The games will probably be the most lucrative ever, and some of the big advertising players don't even care if they see a return. Jocelyn Ford explains.

Just one word: potash

Aug 8, 2007
Since the '90s, it's been tech stocks that have kept the economic community riveted. But commentator David Frum says abstract is out: The "new economy" we keep hearing about is heavy and bulky and transported by rail.

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