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Marketplace Money for Friday, May 20, 2011

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Marketplace Money for Friday, May 20, 2011

Segments From this episode

What's in your wallet?

What's in your wallet, Forrest Wilder?

by Marketplace Weekend Staff May 20, 2011
A Texas fisherman, who works as a reporter, keeps a memento of his time on the water in his wallet.
Piggy Bank Award

Piggy Bank Award: Index funds vs. market dizziness

by Marketplace Staff May 20, 2011
Does watching the markets give you vertigo? You're not alone. This week, host Tess Vigeland awards her weekly Piggy Bank award to one investor trying to relax and enjoy his returns.

FEMA asks some disaster victims to return money

by Marketplace Staff May 20, 2011
The Federal Emergency Management Agency is asking some disaster victims to return their payouts. The agency says more than $22 million in aid was improperly distributed.

Gen-Xers scared of Wall Street

by Marketplace Staff May 20, 2011
After seeing their fair share of financial crises, Generation X is pretty gun-shy when it comes to investing. SmartMoney's Jilian Mincer discusses how Gen-Xers can get over their investing fears.

My money vs. Daddy's money

by Marketplace Staff May 20, 2011
Kids are forever indebted to their parents. But when does your kids' money become their own?

Getting Personal: Mortgage mystery and a 529 for baby

by Marketplace Staff May 20, 2011
Tess Vigeland and Marketplace Economics Editor Chris Farrell answer listener questions about saving money while in grad school and choosing a 529 plan for your newborn.

Tweet for better customer service

by Marketplace Staff May 20, 2011
Fear of confrontation and no response often keeps Americans from voicing their consumer complaints. But Twitter may be changing that attitude. Psychologist Guy Winch tells us why.

More companies hiring interns

by Jeff Horwich May 20, 2011
College students with internships are settling into their summer gigs. But thanks in part to the Great Recession, summer internships have become more like three-month job interviews.

A bank and cafe in one

by Jennifer Collins May 20, 2011
Online bank ING maybe be ahead of the curve by rolling out... cafes, where you can get money management advice and a cup of joe all at once.
What do you tip?

Letters: Tipping etiquette

by Marketplace Staff May 20, 2011
We got a big response to our story on the confusing world of tipping etiquette.

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