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Marketplace Money for Friday, July 15, 2011

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Segments From this episode

What's in your wallet?

What's in your wallet, Andrea Dundas?

by Marketplace Weekend Staff Jul 15, 2011
A woman shows the card in her wallet that helped her score big on her latest Vegas trip.

The future of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

by Jeff Horwich Jul 15, 2011
We take a listen to the congressional hearing on the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and a home owner who shares what he hopes the new agency will do for consumers like him.

How the new financial bureau will protect consumers

by Marketplace Staff Jul 15, 2011
A supporter of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau talks to Tess Vigeland about how he thinks the bureau will help consumers.

Getting Personal: What to do with extra cash

by Marketplace Staff Jul 15, 2011
Money host Tess Vigeland and Chris Farrell answer listener questions.

Letters: Horrible bosses and getting rich

by Marketplace Staff Jul 15, 2011
We dig into the mail bag and read your responses to stories

Avoid foreclosure, eliminate the second mortgage

by Jennifer Collins Jul 15, 2011
Some underwater home owners may be able to find some financial relief -- and keep their homes -- by having their second mortgage dropped through a little known legal provision.

Why you shouldn't follow the stock market

by Marketplace Staff Jul 15, 2011
Financial planner Carl Richards talks about why you shouldn't obsessively follow Wall Street if you want to be wealthy for the long term.

Millennials need a lesson in good etiquette

by Alex Goldmark Jul 15, 2011
Millennials may be able to pick up the latest technology in a snap and make an art of multitasking, but they're often lacking manners.
Piggy Bank Award

Piggy Bank Award: Saving, not spending, extra cash

by Marketplace Staff Jul 15, 2011
A good saver earns this week's Piggy Bank Award.

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