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Raging against the patriarchy
Aug 26, 2021
Episode 505

Raging against the patriarchy

Today, we're discussing the scandals at Time's Up and "Jeopardy!"

Today, let’s blame our hollowed-out-ness on the patriarchy! First, one of the leaders of the Time’s Up organization, which is supposed to support women, resigned after helping former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo with his sexual harassment scandal. But that’s not all. Over at “Jeopardy!” Mike Richards is keeping his executive producer job despite the backlash over his treatment of women. We’ll dig into both stories and talk about what it all means for women in the workplace. Plus, why isn’t California’s gubernatorial recall election getting more attention? And a heartfelt farewell made of sheep bring us to the happy place. 

Here’s everything we talked about today: 

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